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Make your business transparent with Forensic.
This service will not only help reduce the tax and legal risks of your business, but also make it more efficient and profitable.
As a result of Forensic we will help you understand:
  • Does management act in accordance with the internal company’s rules and the requirements of Ukrainian legislation?
  • Are all financial transactions in the company carried out in full?
  • Are the internal control system and audit of the company effective in order to minimize risks of fraud?
  • Does the data of financial and management reports correspond to the real result of the company?
  • Is there a lack or likelihood of misuse, bribery or corruption?
Otten Consulting guarantees the quality and accuracy of the data provided as a result of Forensic. Make your business transparent, and we will help you with this!

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“You will find out if there are fraud risks in your business and get recommendations on how to minimize them”

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