In 2010, a request was received to provide consultation on doing business in Ukraine and on the organization of accounting for five subsidiaries in Ukraine. Two projects of the company were located in Crimea and three — in the Odessa region.
Otten Consulting accompanied the client in all financial matters related to the current work:
  • accounting and preparation of financial reporting;
  • preparation of management reports and annual reports in accordance with IFRS for the parent company;
  • control of the company’s financial flows, distribution of flows by type of activity and projects;
  • tax consulting on financing and registration of loan agreements with the NBU;
  • planning and budgeting;
  • temporary management of subsidiaries and solution of issues related to re-registration of location;
  • liquidation of two subsidiaries due to the suspension of Crimean projects in 2014 and one of the projects in the Odessa region;
  • transaction support and accounting services for two projects after their sale to a new investor.
Otten Consulting experts dealt with both financial current issues and provided various consultations on tax issues, allowing to find optimal solutions with a low level of risk and financial costs.