NOTUS energy Plan GmbH & Co. KG

In 2019 Otten Consulting received a request from NOTUS energy Plan GmbH & Co. KG to provide detailed consultation on issues related to the possibility of organizing business in the field of energy and wind generation in Ukraine:
1. How assets related to a wind power project should appear in the company’s commercial and tax records?
2. Is a wind turbine considered a movable or immovable asset in Ukraine in relation to accounting and taxation issues?
3. How to handle the company’s property in order to comply with the Agreement on the avoidance of double taxation between Ukraine and Germany?
4. How will the specific project-related costs mentioned in the preliminary budget appear in the financial reporting?
5. Are there any other taxes that need to be considered when doing business?
As a result, Otten Consulting experts prepared a detailed consultation on the above issues, which helped the company’s management understand the current situation and contributed to making correct and timely decisions in the future with the lowest financial costs.