In 2018, Otten Consulting received a request from NBT, Norway, to ensure high-quality accounting and tax accounting, as well as financial management of their energy generation subsidiary Syvashenergoprom. An investment of 370 million euros was made in the construction of a new energy park with a capacity of 250 MW.
Otten Consulting took on and continues so far to support the following tasks:
  • record-keeping in accordance with IFRS and preparing reports;
  • maintaining tax accounting and reporting;
  • payroll and personnel accounting;
  • preparation of management reports.
Also, Otten Consulting professionals solve various urgent and important issues related to the provision of the company’s operating activities, which help to reduce financial risks and avoid additional costs from investors.
In addition to the project Syvash, Otten Consulting maintains accounting and tax accounting of the NBT Ukraine subsidiaries, which have begun construction of a new energy park that will produce 750MW.