During 2008-2011, Otten Consulting specialists provided several complex services at the client’s request:
  • assistance in organizing a management accounting system at a large production plant;
  • automation of the management accounting system with the provision of limited access rights to field employees;
  • consulting on establishing document flow and reporting system;
  • preparation of written instructions for personnel on entering data into the accounting system;
  • consulting the accounting department on the reflection of individual transactions;
  • checking the correctness of the data reflection in accounting and tax accounting;
  • organization of a system of control over the company’s financial flows.
The result of the provided range of services was a working accounting system that provides the entering of the necessary data by employees of warehouses, production, HR department, etc. and helps to automatically keep records of operations in general, reduces the volume of workflow and ensures the timeliness of data reflection in the company’s accounting system, eliminating time delays when delivering documents to the accounting department of the company.