In 2012, we were approached by SiXT, a car rental company all over the world. An IT department was opened in Ukraine to service a network of companies around the world. The essence of the request was to help organize a business model, establish financial processes and workflow, provide accounting services and tax consulting to the company in Ukraine and, in the first months of the company’s work, take over the temporary management of the company pending the authorization of a work permit for the appointed director — a foreign citizen.
Otten Consulting’s functions also included providing tax advice, informing about possible financial and tax risks, preparing management reports in the format of the parent company, maintaining tax records of contractors, and preparing the necessary documents for the employment of staff members.
In the first two years of working, the company grew to 70+ employees, and all this time the client received quality services without worrying about the need to find new employees in the field of accounting.