Tax Consulting

We provide tax consulting supporting your daily business. Additionally, we offer planning or review of border-crossing tax models, collaborating with local and foreign co-operation partners in the respective countries.

Our definition: Tax Consulting

Tax consulting is the art to meet legal tax authorities’ requirements by simultaneously using structure-inherent leeway to the largest possible extent.

Local characteristics: interpretation of tax regulations by tax authorities follow a very fiscal approach

Nevertheless the tax reform in Ukraine has already started since accepting a new Tax Code and some other relevant laws and directives, Ukrainian tax legislation still contains certain ambiguous regulations partly even contradicting each other. Besides, due to frequent changes in tax laws, the clients, even having their own on-staff accounting and taxation specialists, address to additional consultancies or independent expert opinions in order to determine taxation rules effective at different times and respective consequences in case of necessity to correct reported data and/or in case of paying fines and penalties.

The principle that tax accounting is to be based on commercial accounting was not applied till April 2011 when a new Tax Code was accepted. In any case, it is impossible to avoid discrepancies between the tax and commercial accounting as numerous transactions are handled unequally and often are complicated for understanding.

And it is very important for the managers to understand the nature of differences between financial result in taxation and commercial accounting. For example, accountants very often do not include into tax expenses the real expenses of a company which in accordance to tax legislation could be included. This fact can be explained by accountants acting on the basis of illegal demands/requests of tax inspectors and in order to avoid any possible contradictions during tax audits. Our solution: Comprehensive advice and foresighted planning

We not only explain the Ukrainian tax system but also solve tax problems, providing proactive business solutions to your individual and complex needs.

Namely, our tax consulting services cover:

  • Tax consulting during the foundation phase
  • Tax consulting and optimisation in daily business
  • Tax due diligence (tax compliance check)
  • Consulting regarding expenses which cannot be included into tax accounting, analysis of tax differences and correctness of tax accounting of expenses
  • VAT-planning
  • Tax planning – including cross border transactions