Liquidation services

If you want to suspend or stop your business on the Ukrainian market, we offer you a comprehensively planned and accurately steered liquidation of your local business unit.

Our definition: Liquidation Services

Liquidation of a subsidiary in order to stop the activity of a legal entity following all procedures foreseen by the law.

Local characteristics: Insufficient management expertise and moral hazard by the local management. Liquidation becomes necessary when the local business unit has developed significantly different from what has been initially expected. Alongside market related circumstances, such situation often happens due to mismanagement or lack of integrity of the local executive board, their abuse of power and resources as well as insufficient internal control.

Our solution: Cost-effective liquidation which follows all existing requirements

We provide a planned and tightly controlled by a Mother Company termination of the local Ukrainian business unit or subsidiary. In the course of process we take care of a liquidating company’s accounting, control the efficiency and conformity of sale prices of all fixed and current assets to the market prices. Moreover, we ensure sale of all fixed and current assets.

In addition, we carry out necessary negotiations and settle the payments with the employees which are being dismissed.

In order to provide a comprehensive liquidation we effect all liquidation together with qualified law firms from our partner network.

We assure that the liquidation is effected in a cost effective manner. This means, sale at the highest possible market price while keeping the lowest expenses for the liquidation .