Interim Management

We render and supervise competent interim management based on the current Ukrainian legislation and orders of a Mother Company, ensuring your business objectives.

Interim Management

Our definition: Interim Management

Temporary transfer of management competence of a subsidiary or representative office.

Local characteristics: The application process for a work permit for non-Ukrainian directors is cumbersome and time consuming

After the foundation of a Ukrainian subsidiary or a representative office non-Ukrainian directors require a work permit. The application for this permit, however, can only be initiated after the business has been registered. The application process takes at least a couple of weeks. During this period the subsidiary needs to be supervised by an officially determined manager.

In case of the manager’s sudden dismissal (e.g. due to loss of trust) it is rather difficult quicky to find a reliable replacement – especially during liquidation.

Our solution: Appointment and supervision of a temporary director

Otten Consulting provides interim management by our Ukrainian personnel. Concluding an agreement we obligate ourselves to exclusively act on behalf of the holding company supervising the appointed management board accordingly and hold responsibility for an Interim Manager’s actions’ conformity to the client’s orders and current legislation of Ukraine.

With regards to the application of the work permit we will kindly refer you to our specialists, who have many years of experience in this sphere.