German Advisory Group

I am working with Mr. Thomas Otten in the framework of the project German Advisory Group Ukraine since 2010.

The German Advisory Group conducts independent, high-level economic policy advice for the government of Ukraine and is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Mr. Otten is our responsible person within the project in charge of consultancies related to tax and accounting issues. These consultancies include detailed analyses and recommendations how to improve the Ukrainian business climate in terms of accounting and taxation. His comprehensive technical and practical knowledge of Ukrainian accounting and tax legislation were and are of significant use providing concrete suggestions how to change official norms and legislation what already in many cases affected a respective change in Ukrainian norms. These consultancies comprise as well meetings with high-level government officials (deputy minister level and above), at which Mr. Otten’s in depth knowledge is highly appreciated.

Mr. Otten is very organised, productive and independent in his work. He is always very friendly, whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism. His work and qualities as a colleague are much appreciated by all members of the team.

I am delighted to work with Mr. Otten. He is a highly reliable, motivated and responsible person and I can highly recommend Mr. Otten, as he would make a strong asset to any future employer or contractor.

Dr. Ricardo Giucci

Team Leader

German Advisory Group