• Accounting "Our local and international experts deliver efficient accounting following Ukrainian requirements and simultaneously provide you with transparent reconciliations to western European accounting standards."

  • Financial Due Diligence "Low informative value and unreliability of Ukrainian financial statements impede an accurate appraisal of a company’s profitability. Our experts will provide you with transparent information about your target’s financial performance and will reliably identify potential deal breakers."

  • Agriculture "Many agricultural companies in Ukraine still suffer from management approaches used in Soviet times. By injecting world class know-how and contemporary management thinking we help our clients to make their farms profitable."

  • Tax Consulting "We provide tax consulting supporting your daily business. Additionally, we offer planning or review of border-crossing tax models, collaborating with local and foreign co-operation partners in the respective countries."

  • Valuation "We offer quality valuation opinions providing a multitude of valuation services, matched with the type and status of the transaction object."

  • Interim Management "We provide and supervise competent interim management which is based on the current Ukrainian legislation and orders of a Mother Company, ensuring your business objectives."

  • Controlling "Our team of local and German experts provides tailored controlling solutions, which both meet Ukrainian individual requirementsand fulfill western European controlling standards."

  • Recruiting "We offer recruiting of accounting and financial personnel. With many years of practical experience in these professional fields we are able to thoroughly assess the language skills and technical expertise of the candidates."

  • Liquidation Services "In case you want to suspend or stop your business on the Ukrainian market, we offer you a comprehensively planned and accurately steered liquidation of your local business unit."

  • Management Reporting "We deliver transparent transition of the Ukrainian commercial accounting to your internal standards or the IFRS/GAAP of your choice. This will foster your understanding of your Ukrainian business, let you quickly obtain any operational information in a necessary format and in accordance with the investor's requirements, and will allow for consolidation."

  • Аудит відповідності "Якщо Ви хочете зменшити податкові та павові ризики, а також зробити свій бізнес більш прозорим, ефективним та прибутковим, ми пропонуємо Вам провести аудит відповідності Вашого підприємства в Україні."

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